The Invitation

The Invitation

God is inviting you, He has a personal invitation for you from Him. No one else's name appears on the envelope. Written in gold in the finest simply reads:

"Beloved, I have so longed to give this to you and have you receive my invitation. The moment you accept, my heart shall erupt with joyous celebration and I shall weep tears over our loving reunion. I pray you will accept...all of Heaven anxiously awaits your reply."

How many of us are aware of our personal invitation from God?

Or aware that such an invitation exists?

That all of Heaven anxiously awaits your reply?

That you are so loved and God has personal prayers orchestrated solely for you to accept His invitation...even songs are played over you to rend your heart to heaven's melodies.

Your presence is requested and greatly desired above all else. Your heart matters to Him and He won't stop pursuing you until you say "Yes". He will spare no expense for you. He loves to show off for you...the skies are His canvas and every masterpiece is dedicated to you. He even desires to delight you with His creatures great and small. And the floral bouquets He puts together for you are utterly extravagant. Each tender word, each gentle touch, every glorious gift...He orchestrates each and every one. He's inviting you with arms outstretched and glory from ear to ear. He is giddy with grace over you. He died for mean everything to Him and nothing will stop Him or dissuade Him from knowing you and how wonderful you are.

What an amazing invitation.....all else is meaningless until you hear how loved and wanted you are. This is your first revelation of healing. You matter, your heart matters. You are His treasure.

Will you accept? You are cordially invited to experience the amazing love of our Lord...

His words for you: "I take great delight in you....I quiet you with my love...I rejoice over you with singing." Zeph 3:17

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