Tender Hearts

Tender Hearts

We live in a time when the God of gods, the Lord of lords desires to intersect our lives at any moment and in the most unexpected ways....in our daily living, in our monotony, in our disbelief. He lives to touch us. But the question stands: are our hearts tender to His subtle, royal touch? When the Lord of lords beckons us, invites us, are we sensitive to His call?

If not, then what are we allowing to lord over our lives?

Whatever we allow to lord over us, will pull us out from under God's protection, His instruction, and eventually deceive us as well as convince us to make an idol out of it. As soon as we erect idols,  we ignore, negate, water down and diminish the life-giving word of God in our lives; and we no longer recognize Him.

You might be thinking...I don't have any idols, any little figures...so this doesn't even pertain to me. But let me propose this: an idol becomes anything we have to check in with prior to giving our 'yes' to God. It is a false life source we plug into while unknowingly decentralizing Christ in our lives.

Shockingly idols can appear to be 'good' such as our children, our work, our volunteer commitments, our spouse, our homes....these all sound good but when they take residence in the throne of our hearts we are deceived and unsatisfied. Our fulfillment is lacking and our hearts are left under-nourished. Only Christ can bring fullness and satisfaction into our lives.

Idols demand devotion while Jesus desires for you to receive. Idols push you into manipulating to keep it at the center while Jesus says, "I AM the center." Idols creates lies while Jesus says, "I AM the truth." Idols drain you while Jesus gives you life. Idols breed irritation and disappointment while Jesus hands you freedom. Idols keep you constantly living in comparison while in Christ you conquer. Idols hold you captive while in Christ you are a co-creator. Idols speak in 'should's' yet in Jesus you have free will. Idols have to have their way while Jesus shows you "He is the way." Idols cause you to second guess yourself while Christ encourages and empowers you. Idols lead to disillusionment while Jesus brings wonder and reverence for His good. Idols harden our hearts while Christ unlocks our hearts and minds.

The difference is so clear. We only need to recognize where we have placed our agreement and allow the truth of Christ to cut through the confusion. Once we have clarity on our mental conversations we can align our hearts and minds with God's best for us, and begin to dismantle the language of the false life sources.

It is truly God's pleasure to share with you His perfect knowledge.

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