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For your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure.

Matthew 6:21

Poolside Connection Study

Join the journey into the Word of God and encounter Jesus. This four week self-led study explores the encounters Jesus had with everyday people. Taking you deep into the heart of the gospels, Jesus reveals His heart for all of mankind. The reader is invited to experience the voice and love of Jesus. From others’ experiences with Christ, the reader will discover Christ’s desire to be encountered.

Each week contains an introduction lesson followed by five days of break out lessons. Come wade out into His waters and sit with Jesus poolside.


A Sacred Silence

What price will Eliza be willing to pay for love, when love seems to only bring grief? Just when the twenty-four-year-old finally feels ready to move beyond the pain of losing her mother, Eliza receives an odd phone call from the attorney of her deceased grandmother, propelling her into a deeper exploration of grief and love.

As long-hidden secrets resurface, the legacy of her family could be at stake. Flung back into her grandmother’s mysterious past at the time of the Mexican Revolution, Eliza  must face the truth her beloved grandmother chose decades of silence to protect―until now. When past and present collide, can Eliza somehow come to terms with the intermingling of love and grief, for the sake of her family’s legacy . . . and for the sake of her own heart?

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From readers of A Sacred Silence

Rosalita K.

Amazon review

This was a very good book about Faith and family. I love historical novels, so the fact that it was set in Mexico during the time of the grand ranches and the genteel aristocracy was very interesting to me. Ashlee ties present day family occurrences to events from the past, and makes it all come together in ways the reader might never suspect. More...

Tia S.

Amazon review

A Sacred Silence will captivate and draw you in from the very first page. With powerful descriptive prose, the author transports you to a fascinating place and time in history. You won't want to put this book down as you navigate through the twists and turns of the storyline. More...

Ernie A.

Hill Country Sun

A Sacred Silence, is a must-read for any and all who have struggled with a deep despair following a personal loss. Through this well written narrative, an engrossing story unfolds about a young lady’s struggle to “understand” why her God has taken so much, ultimately leaving her with a profound emptiness and inability to love. More...

Barbara M.

Amazon review

Give yourself this gift. Pick a day, hopefully a rainy day, and curl up with A Sacred Silence. You may want to start early because once you open it, you will not put this book down. A Sacred Silence begins sweetly and tenderly, as Eliza Cullen begins to navigate the pain in her heart upon the death of her mother. More...

Memo V.

Amazon review

Buy this book! Don't delay as this book will definitely change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Ashlee S. Kinsel is the real deal. She has written a novel that will be talked about for ages. Buy this book, read it, highlight it, take notes, give copies to your friends, family and co-workers. Take action, and open the book to the first page. More...

Ronald W.

Amazon review

Ashlee Kinsel writes with skill of a seasoned author, who understands language and love and God's mighty hand in all we do. I was literally glued to this book from start to finish. When the young heroine, Eliza, began reading her grandmother's journals describing her life in Northern Mexico during the period before the Revolution, I was mesmerized. More...


Ashlee is currently involved in ministry with small groups and one on one prayer needs. Please use website form for all requests for information or prayer.

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Ashlee S. Kinsel

Born in South Texas, Ashlee grew up with Texans and their many hats. As the daughter of a self-proclaimed pioneer, her father shipped her off to the mountains and enrolled her at the University of Colorado, Boulder for a taste of diversity in mankind and climate. As her tour in Boulder wound down, she returned to her home state and worked in advertising, retail and investments.

Ashlee currently lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, their three children and their menagerie of pets. She works alongside her husband in their ranching and wildlife businesses ‘making hay while the sun shines’ and writing when the sun sets. She also leads a weekly women’s bible study in the heart of Alamo Heights and volunteers as a prayer minister.

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How to Steward Truth (Talk 3)
How to Steward Truth (Talk 3)

By Ashlee Kinsel on Oct 13, 2022

Greetings, In our bible study we are focusing on living from the spirit versus the flesh. After I spoke on discerning truth from lies, God put on my heart to unpack how to steward truth. This is an active po...

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