A Season of Outrageous Grace

A Season of Outrageous Grace

In the early morning hours of March 3rd,   I sat down to have my quiet time and I heard the Lord begin to speak about a specific word He wanted to release over women. I began to transcribe the words. Below is what I feel He is doing specifically for women and in women right now:

“There is a transformation happening to women all over….a current of vulnerability and strengthening over shared fears and weaknesses. This level of vulnerability in making this generation of women quite extraordinary.

There is an authoritative grace being released on women…a tender-hearted, soft touch that is destroying dark kingdoms. Don’t be convinced that you need anger, offense and bitterness to see change-it is the tender grace of the Kingdom of God that is going to destroy the enemy’s schemes.

Even palaces of darkness that have been built for ages are getting ready to topple to destruction. Long time ‘establishments’ will quake and fall to ruin as the fair maiden of Christ awakens to her voice of joyful grace.

The terror of the night will run from itself as beauty walks down the street.

You, my ladies, are effortless grace that will rise and come forward with the greatest outpouring of grace the world has ever seen.

Here is what grace looks like:


Grace sustains the glory.

Grace overlooks the mess and sees the miracle.

Grace wipes away the ugly words and dresses others in beauty and truth.

Grace calls to all men & women and tucks them into the bosom of God.

Grace lays out the carpet of forgiveness and washes us clean with the blood of Christ.

Grace is the breath of God.

Grace sustains creation with God’s unrelenting love.

Grace is outrageous.

Grace is nurturing.

Grace looks past the present trouble and pulls His presence into the middle.

Grace is the glue of God.

Grace emerges triumphant.

Grace is weightless.

Grace transforms trouble into triumph.

Grace knows how God’s heart beats.

Grace is timeless and on time.

Grace offers a place for glory to land.


There has been such an assignment of destruction on women to hijack their mouths, their looks, their wills…to make them hard of heart, crusty, sarcastic and full of mockery.

Ladies, you will be known by grace.

Seek out the grace-givers (those who move in opposition towards you) in your life and bless them. This is how grace becomes tangible when you choose to move towards the opposition in grace.

Grace dismantles judgement with blessing.

And, then you will begin to dismantle arguments by prayer versus having to be right.

Today starts My season of outrageous grace.”


May each of you be blessed by His commissioning of grace over you, for you and in you,

Ashlee Kinsel

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